Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome To The Circus

In honor of the Bulls circus trip out west and how bad it always goes, it made me think of what a circus the actual Bulls really are. In honor of that, here is what the Chicago Bulls would look like if they truly were a circus troop:

Vinny Del Negro--The Ringmaster

He's kind of like a ringmaster that has no coherent offense and doesn't make clear to the members of his troop what their roles are.

Derrick Rose--The Acrobat

I'm not sure, but I think he might be able to actually fly.

Drew Gooden--The Bearded Lady

What's funny is that both pictures are gross and scary.

Joakim Noah--The Clown
No explanation necessary.

Larry Hughes--The Giant Pile of Elephant Shit

I think a real pile of elephant shit could shoot for a higher percentage than Hughes.

Ben Gordon--The Fire Eater
Is this a reference to his ability to catch fire on the offensive end or the way he gets burned on the defensive end? You decide.

Tyrus Thomas--Tightrope Walker

Because he's only exciting when he is high up in the air.

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