Friday, November 21, 2008

Billy Corgan Thinks White Sox Fans Should Stay The F#&$ Out Of His Conversations

Over this past summer Eddie Vedder wrote a song about the Cubs called "All The Way". I thought the song was pretty crappy and lame, though apparently some people liked it. Either way, there was some question over whether he was a true Cubs fan or not. There was also the feeling that Vedder's song coupled with the Sports Illustrated Cover jinx was going to doom the Cubs (who would have thought not being able to hit in the clutch would end up being the thing that did us in?).

The Smashing Pumpkins happened to play a show at the Chicago Theater Wednesday night and noted Chicagoan Billy Corgan chimed in on the Eddie Vedder song about the Cubs. Corgan is a known lifelong Cubs fan and lived and died with the Cubs his whole life. He was not pleased with fellow frontman Vedder:

If … If … IF … the Cubs did have a chance this last year that just passed … Fuckin’ Eddie Vedder killed that shit dead. Last I checked Eddie ain’t living here, Okay?

Eddie ain’t living here to write a song about my fuckin’ team.

That is absolutely correct. I'm not sure all the profanity was necessary, but what the hell? That song Vedder wrote was terrible and he's not even living in Chicago.

An actual bootlegged video of the concert is on YouTube and posted here. It is definitely not safe for work but worth watching. Highlights:
  • Bears will win the Super Bowl in 2012
  • White Sox and White Sox fans suck
  • Rips Ozzie Guillen and Bobby Jenks
  • Corgan could write a better Cubs song than "Go Cubs Go"

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