Monday, November 3, 2008

There's Only One Person To Blame For The Cubs Epic Collapse in 2008: Fukudome's Translator

While the finger pointing from outside the Cubs organization has piled up in the last month since the Cubs got on their knees and blew the NLDS, very little has been heard from within the organization about why they feel the Cubs screwed up. Well actions speak louder than words, and Jim Hendry is making a clear statement of blame here:
Hendry already has made...moves this off-season...firing Fukudome's interpreter, Ryuji Araki. Hendry wants to find an interpreter who jells better with the Japanese outfielder.
There you have it. So next time you hear them talking about team chemistry, don't just think about Theriot and DeRosa's ability to turn double plays or players getting along in the clubhouse. Remember, if a sacred relationship between a foreign player and his interpreter goes wrong, a whole season can go in the toilet. Wait wait wait, I have a better idea than firing Kosuke's interpreter: Acquire a power hitting left-handed bat! No, no that can't be right.(Thanks to Ethan for finding this little bit of news).

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real stadiums have roofs said...

it's not the translators fault. cubs players have no marbles.

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