Monday, November 10, 2008

I Want A Stupid-Looking Tattoo In a Very Visible Place

In the tradition of Eddy Curry, Mike Tyson, Stephon Marbury, and countless other athletes, Gilbert Arenas has decided to get a ridiculous tattoo. The funniest thing about this Obama tattoo is how fickle he was in his support of democracy in general, let alone a presidential candidate:
Arenas shortened Obama's campaign slogan, "Change We Can Believe In," choosing not to add ink to his thumb. Arenas has "change" written on the outside of his index finger; "we" on the inside of his middle finger; "believe" on the inside of his ring finger; and "in" on the inside of his pinky and "44" on the outside of his pinky. In case you didn't already know, Obama will be the 44th POTUS.

Arenas said he went down to Miami to have his favorite tattoo artist stitch him up after the Wizards arrived in Orlando late Friday night. He didn't explain how he got there -- Miami is an hour flight or three-hour drive from Orlando -- and I was too shocked by the tattoo to ask a follow-up question. All that I could say was, "You've got a lot of free time, don't you?"

For a player who said he wasn't even going to vote just three weeks ago, Arenas changed his apolitical stance quickly -- and dramatically. Arenas said on Saturday that his previous comments about not voting because he was afraid of having higher taxes were "a joke that nobody got." He added that he always planned on voting for Obama but was waiting to find the right reasons.

Read the rest of that article if you want to hear about the mural he painted of Obama's family on an entire wall of his house . Anyways, in honor of this stupid tattoo, here's a little recap of my favorite retarded tattoos:

Vince Young: How dumb is this guy? Remember when he went on 60 minutes and talked about his new tattoo? Yeah it's his name on his back. In case he forgets maybe? We all know this suicidal weirdo didn't score too well on that Wonderlic test.

Eddy Curry: Tattooed "Misunderstood" on the base of his neck. I hate this guy. And on your neck? Seriously? Neck and face tattoos are the worst.

Mike Tyson: He had an upcoming fight with some other boxer and he decided he "didn't like the way his face looked". So he got this swirling crazy tattoo, assuring his "fans" that it wasn't even halfway done. I'm not sure if he finished it, but I don't care. How great is it not having to hear about this guy anymore? Please stay out of the headlines.

Stephon Marbury: Yup, that little star tattoo on his head is an advertisement for his shoes, the Starburys. I wonder how much it would cost to advertise something on the other side of his head?

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