Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bears-Titans Recap; Why I Was Completely Wrong About The Defense

This is going to be quick for 2 reasons. 1) I'm too pissed to even discuss this game; 2) The game can be summarized with a few quick angry points.

Everyone wants to blame Rex Grossman for losing the game. Are people that stupid? Rex Grossman did fine. He looked like an average QB. He didn't lose the game. He's a backup. A BACKUP! If you wanted vintage Brett Favre, you're an idiot. His quarterback rating was 64.4. He had a 54% completion percentage for 137 yards, a TD, and an INT. Average. If anything above average from a backup. No doubt there would have been a better chance to win the game with Orton under center, but he wasn't and the Cannon didn't blow the game.

Now on to why I was completely wrong in my prior analysis of the Bears defense. I still blame Babich's lack of creativity and the complete lack of a pass rush. They sat in that base Cover 2 all day and the 4 linemen just ran straight forward. No stunts, few blitzes, no creativity. All those things still hold true. What I completely forgot was to discuss how absolutely terrible our secondary is. Peanut Tillman and Nathan Vasher could not cover ANYONE. I have never heard of Brandon Jones and I only know Justin Gage because of how bad he sucked for the Bears a few years back. Those guys along with Joe Montana Kerry Collins made the secondary look like suckers. They used to be good, but more than anything it appears they were system products. And now that the system sucks with Babich calling plays (or not calling plays, whatever you want to call it) these CBs are being exposed for how bad they truly are.

I can't talk about this right now. If you want to read a recap that isn't dripping with anger and frustration and is more fair check out WCG, or read ChiCity Sports Fanion. That second one is a good one. The Daily Herald's recap is solid too. Fire Babich.


His Jesusness Shuttlesworth said...

grossman blew. your right, the game can be summarized in a few short words.

grossman should not be in the nfl.

Yeah, he is a backup, but that shouldn't ever excuse poor play. Fuck the numbers, grossman couldn't pitch basic crossing patterns, throwing behind receivers, and he was frighteningly incapable of seeing/avoiding the rush, unable to ever step up in the pocket.

Hang him!
-Greater Chicagoland Area

Gavin said...

Agreed! Grossman is terrible. The whole reason why Orton was effective this season is that he knows what a normal drop in the pocket should look like, progresses through his receivers and then will throw it away if need be. Grossman, on the other hand, was routinely startled out of the pocket and proceeded to do his shitty 7 yard run backwards while sprinting to his right, and then realizing there is no way he could ever complete a pass that way would throw it away. Too indecisive and I don't care how pretty his deep ball is. (On Sunday it wasn't, see Hester; see also Overthrown Receiver by 5 yards)

Hanie should lead this team if Neck Beard isn't ready.

StevieY19 said...

We'll take him!

-Lions fans

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