Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's Links

  • Did you hear about Obama playing ball on election day? Well here's some video of it. apparently he was being a "ball hog".
  • I was at the Bulls game last night. They lost. Rose played well, Noce played well, even Gordon played well. On both ends of the floor no less. So why did we lose? Rebounding. The numbers don't show it, but trust me, we got hosed on the boards.
  • God is back and he's explaining Week 11. That was not the real Kerry Collins Sunday against the Bears!
  • Whoa! One source is reporting the deal for Peavy is all but done. Guess who is going to San Diego? Theriot. Interesting...
  • Quotable Bears Week 11. I didn't read them because I'm still too mad, but maybe you'll be interested.
  • Sam Smith's mailbag. I'll give you a clue about a majority of the article: trade speculation.

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