Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fill In The Blank

It's Fill in The Blank time. What happens is I will post a random picture I select, and you guys (the readers) create a funny caption for the photo. Post your caption ideas in the comments for this story and I will post the funniest caption under the picture at a later date. Here's this week's "Fill in the Blank".

Coach Ron Zook gives some Illini linemen his happy face during the 1st quarter of the Illini's loss to Western Michigan.

Last Week's Photo:

Best caption comes from Gavin: James Andrews, M.D. later noted that Grossman's spike mechanics place an enormous strain on his elbow tendon. Grossman's next towel throwing session: TBA.

Most inappropriate and inaccurate caption comes from Ari: Olsen to Tait, " Look at that fucking retard celebrate after scoring a TD against the pathetic 0-8Detroit Lions. I wonder how he would celebrates if he ever got some pussy."

Come on Ari! The Sex Cannon may throw a lot of INTs, but he definitely gets a ton of pussy. And he doesn't celebrate when he gets pussy, the woman celebrates because he just rocked her world.


Anonymous said...

zook tries to push one out

Ethan said...

Illinois Coach Ron Zook tries to win a staring contest by making funny faces while his team gets beat by Western Michigan.

StevieY19 said...

"I shit enthusiasm! In fact, I'm doing it right now!"

Zach Martin said...

Player: Just show me.

Zook: crunches face together

Player: Yeah, your wife's right. That is a weird O-face.

danimal said...

I told you to pluck that god damn unibrow!

Scott said...

freshman ford falls foolishly fuck ford field. freshmanfordfallsfoolishlyfuckfordfield. FRESHMANFORFFALLSFOOLSIHLYFUCKFORDFIELD!!!!!!

JFKFC said...

That kid looks kinda uncomfortable, what with Zook polishing ol' "Chief Illiniwek" right in front of him.

(Note hand placement...come on!)

JFKFC said...


"No, you're doing it wrong. This is how it looks to shit away last season's momentum..."

Gavin said...

"What do you mean you skipped your mandatory urine testing?!?! Listen here son, you take this cup and.... Fffffff - ill It!"

real stadiums have roofs said...

i'll tell YOU what i'd do for a klondike bar!

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