Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chicago Election Rules: Vote Early and Often

I know this is supposed to be a sports blog, but on election day I figured I should put up some election news. What better election news than voting shenanigans in Chicago? Well the Chicagoist is reporting that just such shenanigans are occurring, and in true Chicago fashion:

It's barely 8:30 a.m. and already a report of a voting glitch down in Pilsen.
Reader Lindsay sent us a tip, saying:
I was in line by 6:05 and at 6:30 I opted to vote with the electronic booth. Then I noticed something fishy, it was only asking me about Federal races. I had stayed up last night figuring which of the 100 judges was good and deciding how I felt about Con-Con and now I had no say? I asked the election judge who said, that's just the way it is. I know my rights and caused a fuss, saying something was wrong. In what world do you get a smaller ballot if you vote electronically? I then asked another election judge and there was major confusion before that realized that for me and everyone before me they had been using the wrong code. And now they did not know how to spoil my ballot. So in true Chicago style they let me cast my ballot and gave me a new card.
That reminds me of All-Star voting in the NBA and MLB. I always grab like 20 ballots and fill them out with all Chicago starters. The only difference is this is a real election. God Bless Chicago.

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StevieY19 said...

Maybe the confusion was caused when the election officials couldn't understand one thing Lindsay was trying to say.

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