Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cubs Sign Dempster to 4 Year $52 Million Deal; I Stop Calling Him "Dumpster"

The Cubs re-signed Ryan Dempster to a 4-year $52 million dollar deal. The deal is structured thusly:

$4 million signing bonus
2009 Salary: $8 Million
2010 Salary: $12.5 Million
2011 Salary: $13.5 Million
2012 Salary: $14 Million (Player Option)

The only thing I love more than this contract and how it's structured is Dempster himself. Taking only $8 million for 2009 leaves flexibility to acquire Peavy and/or a left-handed bat. Although it is a bit back-loaded, the Cubs are clearly trying to win RIGHT NOW. I love it. As of now, our rotation is the same as the one that just won 97 games, with the potential to add Peavy still out there.

In terms of Dempster himself, I am amazed he took this deal. I am no expert on the open market rate for a starting pitcher these days, but it would seem to me that a player of Dempster's caliber would command at least a 4 year, $60 million deal That may even be a little on the low side, since no one knows what C.C. Sabathia and AJ Burnett will be commanding (140 over 6 years and 80 over 5 years are the respective rumored offers to those players). Ryan Dempster is the kind of guy that is a clubhouse leader and also is productive on the field. I love this move and I love this player. Keep it up Jimmy H.


Ethan said...

his harry carray impression alone is worth like $3 mil a year. add the fact that dempster is the pegged clubhouse guy to give shaving cream pies to the younger stars, he is priceless.

Blue Island Randy said...

Toby Hall is much more clutch with shaving cream pies, putting so much effort into it that it was rumored he had torn his rotator cuff punking Jermaine Dye.

Additionally, his "Chris Farley as Matt Foley" impersonation is a sight to behold.

Somehow I don't see him making over $3 million a year. Although your math makes more sense, since Cubs fans have been overpaying for limited returns for years now.

Anonymous said...

Theres no way anyone would have given dempster 60 million. 52 Mil is a ton considering hes had ONE good season as a starter.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

@Anonymous: Have you ever heard of Major League Baseball? Barry Zito makes 132 million and thats not even the worse contract out there. I am not saying anyone is WORTH 60 million, I'm predicting what he would get on the open market. If AJ Burnett is looking at a 5 year/80 million dollar deal, surely Dempster would get 4 years/60 million from someone.

Aaron said...

i agree with everyone that says dumpster is not worth the the paper his contract is written on. He is subpar pitcher with career losing record and high ERA. His WHIP is one of the highest of any active major leaguer and it did not even decline much last year. Its possible he's a late bloomer, but its more likely he is just a one year wonder (see Esteban Loaiza)and this contract will go be a huge burden in the future.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Hey now! Why is everyone being so negative? It's the Cubs, I'm sure everything will work out. (sarcasm)

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