Thursday, November 13, 2008

Only 90 Days Left!

Sports coverage has changed significantly in our lifetime. A lot of it has been good, but there are some things that have gone horribly wrong. Every week I'll be taking a little time to whine about one of these things with no hope whatsoever that anything will change.

This week's column takes us to the front page of CBS Sports College Basketball section. Here, in the top right corner of the screen, you'll find a countdown clock. These aren't too common on sports sites or on ESPN's ticker leading up to a big game. In this case, it's even more understandable with the start of college basketball. So what's the big deal?

Well, this particular countdown is for an event 90 days away. Well what's going to happen in 90 days worth mentioning? Bob Knight's return to coaching? Indiana players file for injunctive relief against Kelvin Sampson and his incessant calling? Stephen Curry's first missed shot?

Wrong, wrong, and yeah right he's not going to miss. This is the countdown to the Duke - North Carolina game! Wooo! Now when I get that mid-November fit of "oh my God, when conference play finally starts, I wonder when Duke and UNC meet up" out of my head. Just a quick trip to CBS Sports. Thanks Jim Nantz!

Forget great non-conference games like UNC and Michigan State at Ford Field, UCLA at Texas, or UConn at Gonzaga, we all can't wait for this overrated rivalry game! Plus, maybe none of those other games are on CBS.

Shame on you CBS. This is ESPN-league stuff. When I heard there was a countdown to this game somewhere on the Internet, I immediately blamed ESPN, but you beat them to it. I hope the game gets postponed on account of weather. Then how will anyone know when it starts?!!!


Rob said...

Even I, in all my cynicism, will admit this is the biggest rivalry in college basketball...and almost everytime, the game means something significant outside the rivalry. Unlike a certain Big 10 rivalry in a certain other sport....

Stop hating.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Rob is an idiot. Who cares about UNC-Duke? I don't live on the east coast. I'm not saying I might not tune in, but a countdown starting 90 days before the game? That's a bit much.

Rob said...

This blog reeks of midwest-media bias. Bullshit.


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