Monday, November 24, 2008

Bears Have Big Rebound Win; Parade On Hold Until Defense Proves Itself Against a Real Team

The Bears game this week was a gigantic relief. The Bears looked great on offense, defense and even special teams. We have to be careful not to get crazy, though. This was the Rams, and they do suck really bad. Hopefully this game boosted our confidence somewhat, but beating up on arguably the worst team in the NFL (apologies to the Lions and Bengals) does not a champion make. ChiSportsFanion describes this as the "St. Louis Cure" for our defense, but rightfully remains skeptical about the long-term effects:
Critics of the St. Louis Cure have argued that the drug only provides a short term solution to what is a long term disease. Dr. Richard Sexton believes that the drug simply masks the symptoms of defensivitis, which usually reappear only one or two weeks later. His concern is shared with fans of the Chicago Bears who are cautious about the long-term affects of the cure. One Bear fan was noted saying, " I wish we could play the Rams every week".
So let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here. If we can beat Minnesota that will put us in good position to win the division, but we will have to defend them better than we did last time (41 points allowed). Hopefully the "St. Louis Cure" lingers in our systems for an extra week or two.

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