Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Europe's Courtship With Ben Gordon Begins

Looks like CSKA Moscow has made an offer to BG7:

Greek news sources are reporting that Ben Gordon has been offered a $5.5 million contract with CSKA Moscow. That contract is the equivalent to an $8.9 million contract in the NBA, as European teams deal in net. Gordon is said to be demanding at least $7 million from CSKA Moscow, which would be the same amount that Josh Childress is making. That deal would be the equivalent of an $11.3 million NBA contract, and would provide Gordon great incentive to leave the NBA for Russia.

I don't have too much time to break this down right now, but we should probably wait to see whether this offer is serious before we analyze its implications.

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Top Ten Nominee said...

I am really starting to hate Ben Gordon

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