Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bobby Cox Will Control the Lights, Thank You

In this afternoon's game between the Cubs and Braves, Bobby Cox was a little irritated when ump Joe West started playing with the lights. Joe West had the typical reaction to Bobby's arguments: he threw him out.

It's believed Cox began yelling at West because he didn't allow Nunez to deliver his first pitch until the lights were fully illuminated before the start of the fifth inning.

Well, naturally. Cox, by the way, was sitting in the dugout when he was tossed and never came out to argue. So lazy. West had similar incident involving the Cubs last season at Wrigley, which then prompted sweet quotes from Sweet Lou.

"What happens [at Wrigley Field] is it takes a while once you turn them off to get the juice back flowing. I told the Cowboy he's a good umpire, but an electrician he's not."

Cox wasn't the only man tossed today. Francisco Bueno made his MLB debut for the Braves and was ejected for throwing at Alfonso Soriano's head in the ninth. The Cubbies won the game 10-2.

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