Thursday, August 28, 2008

Honoring Jay Mariotti Cont'd

I forgot to put this in the links this morning, but honestly the story deserves it's own post. Here's Kelly Dwyer's take on Mariotti, and I don't think any assessment of his life, work and departure has been better than this one. Just a quick excerpt, but I recommend you read the whole article:

He took what was the opposite of "sane" (not sure if they have a word for that), celebrated it, and passed it off as going against conventional wisdom. Well, going against conventional wisdom helps, if it means dismissing "wins" as a good stat for pitchers, or thinking that Jason Kidd is still working at an MVP level, or that Sgt. Pepper is a better album that Revolver; but in Jay's case, it only meant railing against the right take as a way to draw attention to himself.

Which is why he wanted to be on the radio.
Which is why he loved being on TV.
Which is why ...

Anyways, read the whole article. it's really well-written and spot-on.

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