Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Worst Sports Times of the Year

For the past month or so I have been thankful for a couple things in my life as a sports fan. The first is that it is an Olympic year. The Olympics are amazing and this year with Phelps and the USA Basketball team have made them an event that has not disappointed. The second thing is that Chicago baseball has been hot this year. There have been way too many years where at this point in the calender the season was pretty much over. If it wasn't for those two main things(and WNBA, ouch) this can be a really difficult time of the year as a sports fan. I mean, look at how much coverage that garbage-ass Brett Favre story got. Sometimes there is just less going on.

In honor of my appreciation here we go with my top 3 worst times of year for sports fans:

#3: Pretty Much All of July . This time of year is pretty brutal and everyone knows why. All you got is baseball(and WNBA, ergh.) At the beginning of the baseball season everyone has hope and it so exciting to see all the new parts of your team and blah blah blah. Around July that freshness wears off. A whole mess of guys get hurt and bunch of teams realize they just don't have a shot. There is a reason they call these the dog days of summer. Not to mention the fact that the day after the All-Star game is horrendous, because you have absolutely nothing.

#2: The Two Weeks Between the NFL Conference Championship Game and the Super Bowl. This is the time of the year when the NBA and College Basketball are not that great compared to the NFL playoffs. Also during this time of year you get to the point where there is only one game left before there is no more football for like 7 months and that one game is most likely going to be between two teams you don't really care about. Oh and if you weren't interested in those two teams? Well you are going to hear every possible story line about them, from the ingredients to Gilbert Brown's FatBurger to Matt Cassel's life staring at Tom Brady's girlfriend's ass. Better hope you win some money on the big game.

That last note leads me to number one........

#1: The DayAfter Your Sports Betting Account has hit Zero/The Day You Get Eliminated From Your Fantasy League. For a sports fan it doesn't get much worse than this. We all know it hurts when your team gets eliminated, but there is something about losing sports bets/fantasy that takes that pain to a different level. First off the fact that you have lost money sucks infinite amounts. Not to mention your loss of reputation and pride as a sports fan that comes as a result of your actions. When it comes down to it you don't have control over whether or not Ben Gordon takes a 30-foot fadeaway at the buzzer or Octavio Dotel gives up back-to-back jacks in the 8th. However with sports bets/fantasy, there is no one to blame but yourself. Whether or not things went the way they should have that comes back to the decisions you made as a "sports expert." You try and watch games on this day and it just isn't the same. You try to talk to your friends about the games and they keep referencing how many TD's someone had for them or the fact that the Suns have hit the over in seven straight games.

Well I guess you can always re-up your account or start researching the draft-kit for the sport that is right around the corner.

Any other suggestions are welcome.....


Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Great story. I never lose any bets or fantasy leagues, so I can't really relate to the last one.

Rob said...

Uh, July is the hottest part of "transfer season" in the world's premier soccer leagues. You can play the dumb-american-that-only-gets-sports-from-espn-and-blogs if you want, but it always results in a month of insane rumor checking/starting everywhere else in the world. Also, the US is getting in on the act now that we're producing quality talent that real powerhouse soccer teams are interested in.

Just sayin...

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Soccer is gay. There, I said it.

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