Friday, August 29, 2008

Soriano Is Upset By Questions About His Fielding; Thousands Of North Siders Share His Sentiments

Soriano's fielding has reached (and surpassed) the point where it needs to be addressed. I know that the media has covered this ad nauseum in Chicago, but after last night's game where he let a single drop in front of him in a tight ballgame, I feel the need to address the issue. Well apparently so does Fonzy:

Soriano does take pride in his defense and doesn't want to be considered a liability. He has a strong arm but can't afford to look lackadaisical on routine plays."I feel very comfortable in left field," he said. "I just made a couple of mistakes, I know. But it's not like I don't feel comfortable."
Great, he feels comfortable. Well I don't feel comfortable, do you? Why not switch him out late in games as a defensive replacement? Well he doesn't think that's a good idea:

"I want to play nine innings," he said. "That's why they brought me here—to play nine innings and play hard every day. I don't like to come out of the game if the game is not over. That's me."
Normally I love guys that say those types of things when they back up the talk on the field! What is so frustrating about it is that when Fonzi is in the lineup, his bat can change a game, if he's hot of course. We all remember the stretches where it seems like he can't hit a grapefruit. Anyways, for 20 million a year the man should be concentrating EVERY PLAY! Please!? (I'm not even going to address him watching his "home runs" only to find that they were in fact doubles, which ended up being singles because he was admiring them instead of running)

UPDATE: Soriano hit a go-ahead home run to lead the Cubs to a 3-2 victory not 2 hours after this post went up. He's making me crazy! It's a magical year. (StevieY19 has the copyright on the word 'magic' when applied to the 2008 Chicago Cubs season)

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