Friday, August 15, 2008

Rosenbloom Scolds Lilly, Has Nothing Nice to Say About the Cubs

You throw at the head of a team's home-run leader and 199 trillion dollar man, you're going to get some payback. And when everyone thinks about the enforcer to get the job done, one man comes to mind:

That's right. Theodore. Steve Rosenbloom, for one, does not welcome our new overlord of badassery, and thinks there is a time and a place for such shenanigans.

Revenge should've been saved for next season. You don't risk suspension when you're pitching for a team fighting for a division title and home-field advantage for three weeks in October. Escobar, or even Chipper Jones, didn't need to be hit that badly Thursday night.

Oh, he needed to be hit, and according to Jeff Francoeur, Lilly was the man for the job.

"Lilly threw at Edgar's head last year, he threw over [Brian McCann's] head in Chicago, and all of a sudden he's going to hit Escobar,"

Lilly did his job last night. He battled through a rough outting for the win and picked the right time and method to stand up for his teammate. Hopefully Big Z is satisfied with the revenge and doesn't take out any aggression on Florida tonight by hitting a few batters, or eating a bat boy.

Rosenbloom meanwhile, went on to rip on Soriano, Harden (wtf), Howry, and just the Cubs in general. Who's next?

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