Friday, August 15, 2008

Ocho-Cinco vs. Michael Phelps: Who ya got?

In yet another stunning moment in Chad Johnson history, he claimed Wednesday that he could beat Michael Phelps in a swimming race. Any race. Here's the gem:

"Where I'm from -- Liberty City -- I know a couple people who can beat Michael Phelps right now. Seriously. I'm telling you. And I'm one of 'em."

Of course you are. Now Chad made glue out of a horse in a foot race last year, but I don't think he was racing Big Brown. I love that Ocho-Cinco knows these people can beat Phelps. Is he standing by the pool with a stopwatch? I wasn't so sure about the race against the horse, but this needs to happen.

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Matt said...

Ugh, I am from Ohio, and I still hate Chad Johnson for that quote. Fuck him, Phelps is literally a genetic freak of nature that has been training for the past ten years for this Olympics, there is a reason that he has dominated every single event he has entered. There is no possible way an untrained swimmer, no matter how good he is at football could beat even a high school superstar, let alone the best swimmer in the world.

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