Friday, August 29, 2008

Today's Links--Rammy's Granny Edition

  • Finally! An analysis of the Dream Team vs. the Redeem Team that is based on empirical evidence. Dream Team wins by the way.
  • CUBBIES!!! Sorry, I was at the game last night. Recap: Hamels was untouchable, but the second he came out it was HR, double, single, walk, granny. Rammy is the man. Apparently it was Lou's birthday as well.
  • An explanation of how and why Deng cannot play in FIBA games because of his back, and what GB can do to make this go away. I'll give you a clue: It costs 2.5 million dollars.
  • Cubs v. White Sox World Series? It's possible, but Phil Rogers claims it would be a bad thing for the Cubs.
  • Hilarious exchange between a Sun-Times reader and the editor of the Times, along with other reader reactions (via deadspin). Oh and Ozzie seems pretty excited about Mariotti, but that's no surprise.
  • Roger Ebert weighs in on Mariotti leaving. He isn't happy with the "rat" either.
  • Apparently there was some kind of Bears game last night. Whatever. Wake me up when the regular season starts so our offense can put me right back to sleep.
  • Lovie is pissed about reports that Daniel Manning is out at nickelback. Ok Lovie, we get it. Daniel is your nickelback.


      real stadiums have roofs said...
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      real stadiums have roofs said...

      stop posting articles ripping mariotti or i will report this blog to al gore and he will shut this blog down.

      Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

      Just because Al Gore invented the internet doesn't mean that he can control it. Everyone knows the internet belongs to the evil mastermind Mariotti now...(insert cartoon villain laugh here)

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