Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympians Breaking Records at More Than Just Sports

In 1992 the Olympic Committee decided it was time to start raising AIDS awareness by promoting safe sex amongst all the Olympic athletes. As a result, there was a ruling that the Olympics would give away free condoms to all the athletes who were staying in the Olympic Village.

It is great that the IOC promotes inter-athletes relations but it seems that the 2000 Olympics in Sydney took it to a new level. USA Today reported that at those particular Olympics they ran out of condoms for the athletes to use.

How many did they supply you may ask? 70,000.

Was Wilt Chamberlain an Olympian that year? How many of those condoms were used by the USA Basketball team?

This year in Beijing the "Organizers have supplied 100,000 condoms for the 10,500 athletes housed in the village."

Also, "Elasun, a condom maker in China, has been running funny ads showing Olympic stickman performing alongside condoms." Hence the picture above.

It looks like, at this year's Olympics, we're going for a new world record.

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StevieY19 said...

Ok, what is the easiest sport to make the Olympics in? Time to start practicing.

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