Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Your Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Guide

Are you the type of person who needs to have some guys from your favorite team on your fantasy squad? If you are, and you're a Bears fan, then this year may be somewhat of a challenge. I mean, do you really feel like you're representing your team by making sure you get Robbie Gould in the 14th round? Listen, I've been a fan of the Detroit Lions for my entire fantasy career and therefore have been in this situation just like you guys. So, I'm here to help you out, because if people like you Bears fans take these guys, I don't have to.

Quarterback: Oh my God, don't even think about it. Yeah, it might be funny to pick up the Sex Cannon in the last round, but then you're stuck sacrificing your waiver priority for the guy you should have picked up or waiting an excruciating three days, all for making one guy in your draft room laugh. Plus, if Stormin' Norman is in your league, Rex was gone rounds ago.

Running Back: Here is your first target. Expect Forte to go around the 25th running back position, which will fall around the 7th round. Jumping guys like Edge, Selvin Young, and Brandon Jacobs may not be such a horrible idea to take Forte. Also, Kevin Jones is a pick with big upside in the late rounds. Grab one of these guys!

Wide Receiver: I read something recently that said the Bears top three receivers (not counting Hester) would not make a lot of NFL teams. Marty Booker was a good pick at the turn of the century, but he is closing in on 50 now. Still, he is primed to be the top target for Cannon and neck beard, so he is worth taking late. Hester is also playable in spots, like when a team says "we're not afraid of kicking to Devin Hester."

Tight End: Both of the Bear's tight ends should be drafted in most leagues. To get Olsen you'll have to jump guys like Scheffler, L.J. Smith, and Owen Daniels to be sure you get him; none of whom are locks to produce this year. Clark will be more of a last couple rounds type guy as a backup TE, but he should get his share of passes since Chicago is so weak on the outside.

Defense: Most experts are rating the Bears defense between fourth and ninth. The Giants are behind the Bears in some expert rankings and with the overrating that is sure to follow the Super Bowl, you can count on the Giants going high. You may have to jump the Cowboys and Jags to grab the Bears. Defense is such a crapshoot in terms of where they will start flying off the board, but usually you're safe for the first five or six rounds.

Kicker: Shouldn't be too hard to get Robbie if you want him. The only obstacle should be another Bears enthusiast.


Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

I'm not going to say exactly where the Sex Cannon is on my board, but I think all you need to know is that he is on my board.

PK said...

Back in 2006, I was laughed at for having so many Bears on my fantasy team. What happened? The Bears D, Bernard Berrian, Robbie Gould, and a late season pickup in Cedric Benson led me to being crowned my league's champ. Unfortunately, my homer tendencies look like they'll definitely do me in this year. The only player of value (other than the D) seems to be Olsen at TE. However, I can totally see myself drafting the likes of Rashied Davis...I'm screwed.

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