Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sports Things to do Before You Die, part 1

Today I was reading a blog that linked to Esquire Magazine's list of 75 things you should do before you die. Overall it was a pretty big waste of time but it got me thinking.( which never really does me any good but I did it any way) There are so many sports things that I want to do before I die. So I am going to write a recurring article detailing one different sports thing (either that I have done or plan to do) that I believe should be done before you die.

Here we go, #1: GO TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY TO WATCH AN EVENT WHERE COUNTRIES ARE REPRESENTED(such as the Olympics or the World cup)

Everyone is a fan of their hometown team, whether it is a pro-team or a college team. Most of the time we are fans of these teams because we grew up with cheering for them to bring the National Championship of their various sport to ourt town. However with all the free-agency, deadline trades, and rent-a-players these days it can sometimes be difficult to think that these players represent your city. A wise man, Jerry Seinfeld, once said, "Sometimes it feels like all we are doing is rooting for laundry."

Well, events like the Olympics and World Cup break that mold. Once every four years, you can cheer for athletes who, for the entirety of their playing career, will always represent the same team, the same country, our country.

And while it is fun to watch a those heart-warming pieces about athletes and listen that smug Bob Costas give you latest updates for Tiananmen Square, there is no way that you are truly getting the full experience.

I want to dress up like this guy, go to some foreign country and show them how we play ball where we come from. I want to go to the Olympic village and see all the different nations that are represented, and then see them get smashed by our athletes in red, white and blue.

I mean, when else do you actually care about swimming or soccer? Only during these events. What is great about these events is that it not just about being the best at what you do, it is about pride and the chance that when the competition is over they will be playing your national anthem.

This is something that every sports fan should see in person.

This is the #1 thing on my list of Sport things to do before I die.

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Andrew Jay said...

Bravo to this post. I have always had a running list. Everyone thinks of the Super Bowl, Final Four, World Series, but I am in favor of the underrated yet more personal dream sports experience. The World Cup and/or oylmpics is great. However, I am in favor of the second tier events relative to the jumbo events above. How about the Kentucky Derby, Daytona, FL vs GA football. I did the OSU vs Michigan a few years back and I definitely appreciate and enjoy seeing the die-hard fans of these events up close and personal.

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