Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today's Links--Fukudome Effect Edition

  • The Fukudome Effect on the Cubs has been astronomical, according to one fan's analysis. I don't know how much this impact can be attributed to Kosuke, but either way the numbers are interesting.
  • Good riddance to Jay Mariotti. You will not be missed. In fact, I would punch you in the face if I saw you walking down the street.
  • As Bob Brenly said "The play of the game was when Geovanny Soto put on his uniform." Soto had 7 RBIs to lead the cubs to a 14-9 win.
  • Joe Crede is back (double meaning there, get it..."back"). Anyways, if he can swing the stick with the kind of power he had before the injury, this is good news for Sox fans.
  • Barack Obama thinks Sox fans are better than Cubs fans. And get this, he would pick Walter Payton to be his VP if he were to pick an athlete. (Update sent in from Gavin: D-Lee agrees)
  • The Ricky Manning Jr. era ends in Chicago. It was expensive and overrated.
  • Sox beat Orioles. Floyd gets all the help he needs. Isn't it great when the bats and the pitching are sharp?
  • Theriot is awesome. This article told me so.


Gavin said...

When asked about Senator Obama's comments, Derrek Lee responded, "I mean, he's right," Lee said with a grin. "I think most of the fans there are just there to enjoy the experience, and, uh, drink beer. I mean, is that not true?"
And still more further in the interview, "if you go to Wrigley, it's kind of an experience. I think a lot of our fans are tourists, and they're in town on summer vacation and they just want to check out Wrigley."

Obama/Lee '08

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Link me to that nonsense. Then I'll break it down so you retarded Sox fans can get what he really meant. No thanks necessary.

PK said...

I mean, I respect D-Lee for his comments. I love it when a guy can actually speak the truth and stand behind his statement, rather than get caught up in superficial posturing. As one of the many died-hard Cubs fans who visit this site, I agree with him. Over the last 20 years, I would say the average baseball IQ of a fan going to Wrigley has dropped significantly, as it has become more fashionable to attend Cubs games. This isn't saying that the core of the Cubs fan base is a bunch of fair-weather idiots. The same has happened with other culturally popular teams i.e. the Red Sox. The other day I was at Fenway for a game (I live in Boston now) and had to explain the rules of baseball for a couple that was there on their honeymoon. Point is, D-Lee is the man, Barack Obama is the man, and the Cubs are all ballers.

Ethan said...

whoa.... first of all, said couple was from some foreign country and thought they were at a cricket game and then started asking why the players looked so athletic. second, d lee is not trying to take a stab at the cubs fans, just pointing out that it's a popular place to visit. third, president obama bin biden is so wrong and is a trashy chain-smoking sox fan. but don't get me started on john mccain-ligue

Ethan said...

I would also like to post a story about jay marrioti - i was working the door at a new bar here in Chicago about a month ago, and there was a line. i see jay marrioti stumbling down the street by himself, towards the bar. i ask myself, what is he gonna say to try to get in??? I enjoyed it when he simply stated, "I'm Jay Marrioti." I said, "I know. Step to the side, it will only be a few minutes." What a douche.

real stadiums have roofs said...

baseball iq? in general, the average iq of cubs fans is spiraling toward that of sox fans, though it still has a ways to go. i hope to be out of chicago when they converge in the next 18 months or so. goodbye complete sentences and somewhat witty banter, hello cut-off popped collared polos, greasy unwashed hair with highlights, and the stabbings of the celebrity guests leading take me out to the ballgame.

PK said...

Said couple is a perfect example of what we're talking about. They were from Canada and England, but thought it would be cool to catch a Red Sox game on their honeymoon, exactly what D-Lee was talking about in the article. Also, no need to argue over whether D-Lee was taking a stab at Cubs fans....he wasn't. I was. As my original point says, he was simply pointing out the truth about the composition of the stands in Wrigley. The fact is you can't do anything about this trend. Having a team that becomes culturally significant is like a disease. It should be called "bandwagonitis" or something.

Weak points Samson.

Blacksoxonlyteamtothrowanentireworldseries said...

Let me paint a picture for you all. The year is 2005. The Sox somehow do not suck. All around campus I see ignorant pastey white south-siders. As the summer went on and their lack of vitamin D slowly diminished, more and more of these poorly educated folk start talking trash. The bandwagon was beginning to fill. Even at that point, the only way the Cell was full was when they played the Cubs or had half price night. After the Sox cheated their way into the WS and won it, the Cell continued to be empty.

Sox fans such as William League Jr. (sp) and his counterparts continue to be the scourge of this Earth. Each Sox fan is not only more ignorant than the next, their whole existence revolves around hating the Cubs. I recommend seeing a psychiatrist (if their minimum wage salary can provide for it) to discuss their schadenfreude.

I guess what I am trying to say is that A. J. Pierzynski eats babies.

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