Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Take The Freaking Money Ben Gordon!

Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie does a great round-up of NBA guards that still don't have a job. Of interest to us here at NQTC, however, is his analysis of Ben Gordon's situation. Kelly Dwyer is one of my favorite NBA analysts and he covers Chicago a lot (I think he is from here or something). Anyways, here's his summary of BG's situation:

It might be a plant from Chicago's front office, but then again Gordon's camp has done little to dissuade people from believing that the rumor of the Bulls offer of six-years and 59-million dollar deal is true. If it is true, then your first and second instincts are correct. Gordon should have signed on the dotted line yesterday. We know why he hasn't. Compared with the five-year, 50-million dollar deal the Bulls offered last fall, Gordon is stuck in Chicago for another year at a reduced per-year price. In order to come in under the luxury tax, Chicago has set up the deal so that Gordon's first year wouldn't be worth much more than he could make with the Qualifying Offer. And because Ben has been Chicago's leading scorer for the last few years, a fact he has incessantly offered in every interview Gordon has given this summer, he feels that he should be paid more than Luol Deng. He shouldn't
be. And because Chicago made a bum move in overpaying Andres Nocioni last summer and because it also refuses to spend big boy money and pay the luxury tax for a winner, Chicago won't budge, and Gordon's going to have to take the deal sooner or later. Because it's not as if there is any more money to be had (stateside, at least) by accepting the QO and becoming an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Kelly thinks Gordon is staying. I'm happy with it if he stays for that contract. I love the line about how BG won't shut up about how he was the team's leading scorer. Seriously BG, shut up and sign, you have no better offers out there.

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