Thursday, August 28, 2008

NBC Only Cares About an Athletes Personal Life If They Are Not Gay

There was only one gay male athlete competing at this year's Olympics while being open about his sexuality. His name is Matthew Micham. The fact that this guy is out of the closet is really not that big a story. But things got interesting when this Australian Diver pulled off one hell of an upset. China was supposed to sweep the golds at the diving events, but in the 10m platform Micham won the gold.

Not exactly the Miracle on Ice but a pretty huge win nevertheless.

Now, NBC is notorious for over-emphasizing every single bit of drama from all of these athletes personal lives. However when this Aussie broke through China's dominance in diving NBC did not share one bit of information about this athlete's backstory.

Behind the scenes a lot of people, including the Johnson & Johnson corporation, had to pull strings in order for Micham's family and Life Partner to be in attendance. Not once during this incredible performance did NBC mention his orientation nor did they show his family and "friend."

Honestly, I don't give a shit about most of these stupid stories. But, I do take issue with the fact that I have to hear about things like Kerri Walsh's lost wedding ring and how a track athletes's fiancee is the cornerback for the Giants or even how a French swimmer stole an Italian swimmer's boyfriend and then when this extremely newsworthy story comes up NBC decides that it is time to become silent.

I am not saying that NBC had to put this story the front page of it's Olympic website or show the guy making our with his boyfriend or anything. But, no mention at all? Not even just a shot of the family? I find it insulting to the viewers intelligence and it shows a lack of balls on NBC's part.


Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

NBC has lacked balls for years, why should this year's Olympics be any different? Also, replace "NBC" in the title of this story with "Stormin Norman Disciple" and you would have another true story. Zing.

danimal said...

I'm giving NBC the benefit of the doubt here. The dude got a gold in diving, not exactly the sport that captures the American's interests. And I say, who gives a shit!. I did not see a single story talking about whether or not Phelps was straight or gay, and frankly, I like it that way.

Top Ten Nominee said...

I understand that, but I don't give a flying fuck about Phelps' fat ass, obnoxious mom. But I had to see her stupid ass a thousand times. If the dude pulls off a huge upset, just show who is there supporting him.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

I agree. Clearly there was a lack of coverage of this Olympian, even though he had such a great accomplishment. Phelps got extensive coverage (as he deserved) but still, this guy was overlooked and his family and 'friend' were conspicuously left out of the coverage.

real stadiums have roofs said...

jerry sloan hates diving

Rob said...

Good post.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

If Jerry Sloan hates it, John Amaechi must love it. Only one of those two has their jersey hanging in the rafters of the United Center though.

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