Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today's Links

  • 59 ks in 42 innings for Rich Harden as a Cub. Wow. Cubs win by the way.
  • Kelly Dwyer from Ball Don't Lie sums up why Ben Gordon's "ultimatum" was pretty much an empty threat. Good analysis.
  • Chicago Sky player Sylvia Fowles puts up 26 and 14 in a quarterfinal at the Olympics. I know I know, its women's basketball, but still....smells like a Grant Park rally.
  • Sox win behind Richard. The kid looked poised, but he definitely got in a lot of jams.
  • Toby Hall gets hurt pie-facing Jermaine Dye? This ranks up there with Sammy Sosa sneezing and missing weeks of baseball.
  • Interview with Mike Fontenot on Bleed Cubbie Blue. The kid has heart.
  • The Top Ten List you've tried to do with your friends 100 times; Bears quarterbacks since Brett Favre took over with the Packers. Enjoy.
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