Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ryan Theriot Is Fast, But What's The Deal With All The Baserunning Gaffes?

Everyone who reads this site knows that I love Ryan Theriot. The guy wants to punch DeRosa in the face, thinks he could kick Fontenot's ass and has 9 pitches in his arsenal. The only problem is that sometimes I want to punch HIM in the face. After Theriot was thrown out at third on Sunday night, I decided to do a little "research". By research I mean I googled "Ryan Theriot Caught Stealing". Well I found something. It is an extensive list of not only caught stealing, but other baserunning gaffes of his this year. Turns out over at Wrigleyville23.com they have come up with a stat for Theriot being an idiot on the bases. They call it TOOTBLAN. TOOTBLAN stands for Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop. They actually list every single one of Theriot's TOOTBLANs this season. While I must admit the name is a little lame sounding, I do like the theory behind it. I am so sick of his TOOTBLANS. Theriot continues to try to stretch things out on the bases and continues to cost his team outs. Yes his OBP is near .400, but in terms of the runs he's creating, he has 19 TOOTBLANs! 19! That means for every 11 times he gets on base, he has roughly 1 TOOTBLAN. Unacceptable.

**Feel free to check my math on the ratio, but I believe that's roughly correct.


Wrigleyville said...

your ratio is correct.

and the name TOOTBLAN is staying. it's science.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Hahaha. Touche. TOOTBLAN it is. I love it no matter what it's called. Much respect for your blog, I just stumbled on it and its great.

Zach Martin said...

I am so sick of his TOOTBLANS

The extra "S" is for "stupidface"!

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