Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MLB Octagon Death Match: Zambrano vs. The Month Of August


It appears Zambrano has a new enemy on the mound, and that enemy is not any specific hitter or team. It isn't his mechanics. It definitely has nothing to do with caffeine or surfing the internet all night. According to Big Z, the only thing standing in his way each year is the month of August:
''I have to eliminate August. Once I get past August, everything will be back to normal,'' Zambrano said. ''I was thinking about that after the game. Last August wasn't that good, but I was able to come back, and September and October were good for me. So it's nothing to worry about.''
August 2; Zambrano zilch. I think Z's first problem was that he was thinking. Clearly this is not something he is well-equipped to do. Once he gets past all the "thinking", August should work itself out.

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