Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today's Links

  • Hester looks downfield, hits Booker right between the numbers! Touchdown!!! Apparently the Bear have been practicing plays with Hester as QB. Interesting.
  • Ex-Chicago Bears wide receivers insulting the offense? Your turn Justin Gage. Because I really give a shit what you think. You suck.
  • Cubs win early game, Harden pitches gem in late game to win two. Huge.
  • Anybody notice the Brewers are winning a lot since they got swept?
  • Should Soriano be punished for not trying? (not running out of the batters box). Some angry fans at Bleed Cubbie Blue think he should. I agree.
  • Deadspin randomly insults Pete Myers. Why pick on Pete? Though in a way comparing him to Kobe is sort of a compliment, right?
  • Favre's arm is tired. Really? He's been throwing rockets for 30 years, imagine that.
  • Quick summary of why Lance Broadway sucks from a Sox fan.
  • Samardzija may start Sunday. This guy is working out really well. (Update: Marshall is starting over Samardzija, but he's still doing well. Thanks Flossmoron)
  • Sox win to stay in first. The starters are turning it on here.

    Flossmoron said...

    Hey Stormin Norman, the headline of the "Samardzija may start" article says "Marshall To Start" on Sunday. Thumbs down to your link.

    Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

    I fixed it, thanks for the update. what are you, the fact police?

    Flossmoron said...

    I find all faulty links and bring them to justice

    ben zitter said...

    i'm a tool

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