Friday, August 22, 2008

After Mediocre Performance Chicago Media Builds Church of Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton performed admirably last night. His line was 10-17 for 147 yards, 2 touchdowns and the best statistic, no interceptions or fumbles. He had a passer rating of 126.3. He was able to throw downfield a bit, he hit some guys across the middle and even checked down a few times. Kyle Orton definitely looked better than Rex Grossman. In fact, Kyle Orton looked even better than most of the Kyle Orton we've seen. It was a good performance for an offense in need of some confidence.

That being said, now let's look at the reality of the situation. The defense he was up against was 20th in the league in points allowed last year and 22nd in passing yards allowed. He will have to face about 10-12 better defenses than them. The offensive line finally stepped up as well, giving him the kind of time we have really not seen them give Rex Grossman or anyone in the past year and a half. Most importantly I think, is that Kyle was working on a short field for a lot of the game. The special teams, which did have its blunders, gave him ridiculous field position in the first half. Orton had an average starting field position of about midfield in that magical first half.

Now all those good and bad things being said, Orton still had a very good game. But it was one game! A preseason game! He's never made a lot of mistakes and has generally looked solid, though not overly impressive, but last night he had a good game. Just one. I'm sure the Chicago media won't prematurely anoint him the next Sid Luckman, right? Wrong. Let's look at today's ridiculous headlines:

Chicago Tribune: On-target Orton dispels doubt for Bears

"Showing more emotion than he had since winning the job, quarterback Kyle Orton pumped his fist in the air with a smile that showed as much relief as joy.

A sideline full of teammates, an organization committed to developing Orton and a football city desperate for hope could relate."

Chicago Sun-Times: Bears have their man

"If the Bears would have known Kyle Orton was going to play like this, he might have been given the starting job weeks -- maybe months -- ago. Heck, last season.

The Orton-led offense was efficient, productive and, dare we say, a little dangerous. You know, everything you're not used to seeing in these parts."

Daily Herald: Orton, 'O' looking good, but defense doesn't in Bears loss

"In his first game since being named the Bears' starting quarterback, Kyle Orton responded with a nearly flawless performance."

The headlines are my favorite. Especially "On-target Orton dispels doubts for Bears". Really? He dispelled doubts? He looked good, but I would definitely not say that 30 minutes of a decent performance by the offense against a shitty team dispelled any doubts for me. These headlines are going to be even funnier in the very possible event that by Week 9 we are calling for Lovie to bench Orton for Grossman. I hope it doesn't happen, but we all know it might.

I think the Bears will win 9 or 10 games this year, but I know that might be a little high. Either way, if they win a lot of games I highly doubt it will be because of this offense. The Chicago sports media is probably right though. They usually are (sarcasm).


move the cubs to nova scotia said...

given the topic of this post (bears), its length was far too great for me to even consider reading. the bears' only redeeming quality is that their stadium is close enough to the lake that it will be under water in ten years, hopefully taking wrigley with it. now that's a post i'd enjoy reading.

real stadiums have roofs said...

and by the bears only redeeming quality, i mean other than the sex cannon

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Oh my bad, I should have written something about the Lions, or the Packers, right? Wait, what team do you cheer for again? Is it possible to enjoy professional sports, but not actually be a fan of ANY team? I mean you have to be a fan of something, so I guess cheering on Shaq and Prince Fielder is probably good enough. I bet if you left a box full of cheeseburgers on your front step, you could meet your heroes (veggie burgers for prince of course).

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