Friday, August 15, 2008

Luolibility Insurance

Well there hasn't been a lot of Bulls news lately, but then all of a sudden this bad news popped up on the radar: Luol Deng will not be allowed to play for the UK National Team. Your first thought might be: Passport problems? Nope. But wait, you say; I thought the NBA was required to release anyone who wanted to play for their national team? Well, yes, but like anything else, there is fine print. If the New York insurance company that insures NBA contracts will not insure the contract, then the NBA does not have to let the player go to his national team. Guess what?

"Deng, 23, signed a lucrative new deal with the Chicago Bulls two weeks ago after passing a battery of medical tests.

But the NBA's New York insurance company, which must cover all NBA players before they can play for their national teams, has refused to completely insure that contract because of an old back injury.

Deng missed three games in November with a minor back problem and the insurance broker's decision is based on an MRI scan taken then. Although a policy has been issued it does not cover that part of the player's body."

So what does this mean? How bad is Deng's back? Why haven't we heard about this? I mean the NBA has insured some pretty shitty players/contracts, but they won't insure a 23 year old with a minor back problem? What is management thinking signing him to this deal if his back problems might be this serious? What more should we, the fans and paying customers, know about these problems? I'm really pissed right now. I love Deng as a person and a player, but come on! I hope that this doesn't become a serious problem. On the other hand, f&$*% the UK, let him rest for the summer.

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