Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sam Zell=Gordon Gekko?

There is no actual quote here, but if you listen to the audio, it appears that Zell is selling the Cubs as part of some sort of tax dodging scheme.

Apparently Zell makes more money if the sale of the Cubs is a highly-leveraged transaction. I'm not an economics major, but I'm pretty sure that means whoever buys the Cubs will have a lot of loans to pay back. That can't be good for the future of the team. I mean, would you trust this guy if he tried to sell you something? Look at him, he looks like some sort of evil wizard.

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Gavin said...

He doesn't have the hair to be Gordon Gekko, and he also wears jeans which really doesn't mesh with the Wall Street look. I'd say he's more like an evil looking Captain Jean Luc Picard. Which makes sense since I never once saw anyone reading a newspaper on Star Trek, not even Mr. Reading Rainbow himself, Lavar Burton. Although he was blind on the show.

On a related note, I heard that if Cuban buys the Cubs he will install one of those fancy food teleporters in the locker room that makes anything you want. Like Red-Bull flavored bananas or whatever else Carlos Zambrano needs. Nowitzki is a huge fan of the Nutella-flavored Gatorade down in Dallas.

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