Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cubs Fun With Urban Dictionary

I don't know if all NQTC readers are familiar with the site Urban Dictionary, but its a great website. It is basically like wikipedia in that it is user generated, but the difference is it is for slang or "urban" words. Anyways, I decided to see how people "defined" certain Cubs players, and I found some pretty funny ones. My favorite part is the italics, where the word is used in a sentence. Enjoy.

A. Carlos Zambrano:
1. Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Know for Tantrums, Sky-Pointing, Bat-Breaking, glasses-making, Out-Striking, Instant Messaging-related injuries, Manliness, and being the Hugo Chavez of Baseball.
2. anyone who is known for being a Beast and/or eating sharp/jagged objects such as Nails or Broken Glass Glass
Wow! That guy broke a bat on his knee and ate it; he is such a Carlos Zambrano.

B. Theriot

A purple-yellow colored turd occasionally containing blood.

Look at that theriot in the toilet Calvin left.

And of course...

C. Fukudome

An Asian baseball player for the Cubs....said to be crazier than Chuck Norris this son-of-a-B will fuck some bitches up..People often say Fuck u....Do me

Fukudome hit a homerun with his dick.

Thank you Urban Dictionary, for hours of endless fun. Fukudome is going to go Zambrano on your ass and make you look like a little piece of Theriot. People should read this site to help their vocab for SAT prep. No doubt about it.

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