Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phil Jackson Coached Many Great Players; Greatest? Dennis Rodman Of Course

Phil Jackson received an honorary degree from the University of North Dakota and while giving his speech, he touched on some interesting topics. The most interesting of which was answering the question of who the greatest player he ever coached was. According to Lakers Blog, his answer was a little mystifying:

“He could probably play a 48-minute game and play the 48th minute stronger than the first minute of the game,” Jackson told the crowd at UND. “He was that terrific an athlete.”

Jackson credited Madonna for helping Rodman overcome his “shy” personality.

“Madonna saw what was in there and wanted him . . . to do what she does: be outrageous, and kind of talked him into opening up his character,” Jackson said. “And Dennis didn’t know how many ways he could open up his character.”

No, not MJ. Not Pipp. Not Kobe. Not Shaq. Not Fisher, Fox, Harper, Malone, Cartwright, Armstrong, Paxson or Smush Parker. Dennis Rodman was his guy. Sometimes Phil likes to joke around with reporters, but this one seems legitimate. And Madonna was good for him? I wonder what kind of crazy acid he was tripping on when he gave this speech (or pretty much while he has done anything in the last 40 years).


Ethan said...

clearly he doesn't remember coaching CRAIG HODGES

danimal said...

This post reminds me of my youth. More specifically, going to a Chicago Bulls basketball camp at the self proclaimed bastion of basketball greatness, Marist Highschool, in 6th or 7th grade. Because of Marist's roundball prowess, we were blessed the presence of none other than Jason "Big Time" Caffey. Caffey proceeded to dribble the ball off his feet and miss dunks time after time. He was subsequently booed off the court.

Rob said...

This pales in comparision to his "Brokeback Defense" comment saga. Still the highlight of any Phil Jackson media moment.

real stadiums have roofs said...

this post reminds me of a shit i took this morning

real stadiums have roofs said...

and by post i mean blog

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