Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today's Links

  • Danks is going to no hit the BoSox!!! White Sox lose?
  • I guess this Fukudome thing is a story.
  • Jayson Stark of ESPN thinks Carlos Quentin should win the MVP. The way he's hitting, I agree. The guy is a great story.
  • Some Bears fans think we should go out and get Chris Simms. A third below average quarterback? How many third-string qbs can we legally carry on the roster?
  • I have to mention the Olympics. Michael Phelps is sick. That world record was @#$%ed before the race even started. (It was HIS old record, by the way. Sick.)


hacocacyb said...

An amazing effort from Danks can eclipse the lack of offensive production easily from the outfield bleachers.

Media is so quick to blame the Sox offense or the Sox pitching, but it just seems to be either one isn't going to show up about 30% of the time. It would be tight if they could coordinate those 30% and play awesome 70% of the time.

Flossmoron said...

Chris Simms would be an upgrade over Rex "Did I Just Fumble Another Snap?" Grossman and Kyle "I'm Not Sure If I Am More Stoned or Drunk" Orton...

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