Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If The Sox Want a Gritty Tough Grinder, Maybe They Should Look Across Town

This is from Mark DeRosa's blog, where he sits down to interview Ryan Theriot on May 23 of this year:

DEROSA: First off, did you ever think when you signed out of LSU you that you'd eventually be the starting shortstop for the Chicago Cubs?
THERIOT: Yes, I did. Confidence is something I never lacked.

DEROSA: Remember, they're not going to know you're being funny.
THERIOT: You've got to have it -- you've got to have confidence. There were times when you doubt it. I was pegged as a utility player, and was unfairly pegged as a utility player. I always had the confidence that I'd get a chance.
DEROSA: How did it feel when you're sitting in Baton Rouge and it came across the ticker that Mark DeRosa had just signed to play second base with the Chicago Cubs.
THERIOT: In all honestly, when I saw it, I really felt like punching you right in the mouth and or breaking your leg. It was kind of a shock. It was a little upsetting in the beginning. But after Jim [Hendry] called me, and we talked a little bit about it, I felt better about the whole situation.

I love this guy.

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