Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mike Brown is Jewish, I Swear

Remember this guy? Mike Brown was the lynchpin of a Bears defense that was tops in the league for most of this millenium. All the talk about Urlacher's back, Tommie Harris's contract, and position battles at defensive end have obscured a key ingredient of this defense. Mike Brown. This guy was stellar for a long time, until the injuries kicked in. If he can be healthy, as is reporting, then the Bears defense may have a return to prominence. Nobody ran on the Bears withthis guy stopping up the middle. And who can forget all those memorable interceptions to win games back in the 2001 season? This guy is a pro bowler, and his impact will be felt this year if he can stay on the field.

My love affair with Mike Brown comes down to his intensity every play. I know some people are thinking "but the injuries, what about the injuries?" You guys are right, and I know this is probably all going to go out the door. But just to show you the passion this guy is bringing and how hard he plays every play, here is a quote from the man himself:

"I'm planning on playing the whole season. Now I've said that for all my
career and it hasn't happened like that. But when I've come out and played, I
don't think you've seen any drop-off in my intensity. … And it's not going to be
any different this year."

Mike Brown. By the way, I heard he is half Jewish. Anyone know anything about that?


His Jesusness Shuttlesworth said...

As far as I know his mother is jewish and according to this jewish website,, he is one of the few jewish nfl players as of 2005.

Thats why he is so athletic.

Anonymous said...

heres the link

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