Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's Links

  • I know the story of the Sox game was the fight, but since when does A.J. have white hair? He looks like even more of an idiot. Oh and by the way, look in the left column of this blog and say adios to first place Sox fans.
  • Cuban wants Cubs, but will baseball want him? $1.3 billion dollars is a lot of money.
  • Jr. Griffey is the man. He doesn't take shit from anyone. Just kidding, he's a pansy and he apologized.
  • Erin Andrews responds to the accusations about her being too sexy. I love this whole storyline and will continue to link it as long as it continues to be a "story".
  • This site is really cool. It has every baseball teams baseball contracts with their players and details of the contract. The Cubs and Sox ones are very interesting.
  • "Coach Mike Krzyzewski, when asked why he benched Kidd, was in the middle of answering during his postgame interview when Kobe Bryant interrupted with a two-word explanation: 'He's old.'" Love when ESPN reports this stuff.
  • Skip Caray dies at 68. I feel like he was a part of the Chicago Sports family. Sad, sad day.

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